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Saracen Pasture Licks
Saracen Pasture Licks
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Saracen Pasture-Lick is a unique vitamin and mineral lick intended to supplement the diet of horses and ponies fed forage and balance any mineral deficiencies within their diets. Herbage analyses that have been carried out over a number of years have clearly shown that there are widespread deficiencies of minerals, of both major and minor elements within modern grasses. These deficiencies can give rise to a number of problems in horses, in particular breeding stock. By supplying the correct amount of both major and minor elements in a highly palatable form, many problems can be greatly reduced and eliminated RECOMMENDED INTAKE 100-150g daily. NUTRIENT SPECIFICATION PROTEIN 14.0% OIL 1.5% FIBRE 1.0% VITAMIN A 50,000IU/kg VITAMIN D3 10,000IU/kg VITAMIN E 150IU/kg COBALT 80mg/kg MANGANESE 3200mg/kg ZINC 2100mg/kg

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