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Saracen Equi Jewel Pellets 22.7kg
Saracen Equi Jewel Pellets 22.7kg
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The fat in Equi-Jewel is highly digestible and efficiently utilized by horses of all ages. Calcium carbonate is added to Equi-Jewel to eliminate the calcium to phosphorous imbalance, which occurs naturally in rice bran. Essential fatty acids contained in Equi-Jewel are necessary for healthy skin and hair. Rice bran is extremely palatable and easier to feed than liquid fat supplements. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Adds calories to a ration without excessive grain intake. Supplies a highly palatable and digestible form of fat Contains balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorous Provides fatty acids essential for healthy skin and hair. INGREDIENTS: Stabilized rice bran and ground limestone. NUTRIENT SPECIFICATION: Crude Protein 12.5% Crude Fat 20.0% Crude Fiber 13.0% Calcium(min) 3.25% Calcium(max) 4.25% Phosphorous(min) 1.75% FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: Feed one to two pounds of Equi-Jewel per day in combination with the current feeding programme.

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