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Tangle Free & Silky 500ml
Tangle Free & Silky 500ml
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Uses: A lovely non-greasy product gives great finishing touches to your horse and pony. Ideal for use on manes, tails and costs to detangle and condition with ease. A must when quartermarking, plaiting or grooming to give the coat a luxurious shine and flat finish. Regular use helps prevent the build-up of dirt. Directions for use: Shake well. Spray directly onto wet or dry hair. Comb througth manes and tails to detangle and condition with ease. Contents: 100% high grade natural herbal derivatives. F.E.I & JockeyClub Rules: No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene these rules. Endorsements & Tried & Tested: 'This is a great product for keeping your horses' mane and tail looking good. I try to avoid brushing as it removes too much hair. Instead, I prefer to use a conditioning spray, such as this one, every other day. This tangle free and silky was very effective. It prevented the hair from becoming matted and I could then just run my fingers through it to separate the hairs. It also added a lovely sheen to the hair. I thought it lived up to the name - there were no tangles and the hair was lovely and soft.' - Sarah Braithwaite, Horse & Rider Reader. This product was tested on thick native manes and tails, which hadn't been touched all winter. Even though my ponies hadn't been bathed; it still left them in excellent condition, without tangles or residue. In my opinion a must for every grooming box. It will definitely be in mine this season. Score 10 out of 10. - Ellen Austin. June 2003. Gorgeous smell!! Really fruity and smells good enough to use yourself! All in one pump spray for manes, tails, coats and quarter markings. Leaves a lovely flat shine on the coat, and conditioned the tail beautifully. Non slippery finish so can be used on the longer native manes. A great product for every day and good enough for shows. - Charlotte Platton for Showing World Magazine. My horse Smallfry has a very thin tail. I use Tangle Free & Silky daily to keep his tail tangle free and in top condition. - Jeanetta La Four, BHSII, Senior Panel Judge for BSHC & RH, CHAPS, BSPA & SHB.

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